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Type Approval

SM Components is available for expert advice relating to European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA), particularly relating to the bulk transportation industry.


Expertise is, in particular, relevant to commercial vehicles intended to carry any of the following goods:

•    Dry Goods: grains, animal feeds, flour, sugar
•    Edible Liquids: milk, edible oils, beer
•    Hazardous Liquids: oils, chemicals, fuel, lubricants, fertilisers
•    Construction Products: bitumen, stone, sand, salt, concrete, limestone
•    Other: Gas, powders


ECWVTA is a system that allows a vehicle design to be "type approved" for sale, registration and entry into service across all member states in the EU without the need for further testing in each country. This includes whole vehicles, vehicle systems and separate components and ensures that common vehicle standards are upheld.


Although ECWVTA was introduced in October 2014 for heavy commercial vehicles, today there is still some confusion about the particulars of the approval scheme.


As an approved assembly plant for UK-based SB Components International Limited, SM Components can carry out vehicle modifications and conversions under SB Components’ Type Approval certification.


SB Components currently has in excess of 50 National and European approvals in place, covering around 150 Base Approvals across most major manufacturers.  SM Components have become experts on ECWVTA locally on the island of Ireland.


Both SM Components and SB Components have worked closely over the last six years with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), other industry trade organisations, and all truck manufacturers to continuously update approvals and conformity of production systems.


For further information on how we can make the type approval process easier for you and for any information relating to our portfolio of type approved products and what range of vehicles they include please contact a member of our experienced and dedicated sales team.

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